Your Wedding Photography from beginning to end

Before you Book

The road to choosing a wedding photographer starts before you even pick up the phone to speak to anyone.There are two things that you need to be clear on:
  1. When is your wedding? One of the first thing a photographer will do when you start speaking to them is ask when your wedding is! Make sure you know before you start looking.
  2. What style of photography do you like? Do you like formal shots? Do you like natural poses where the subject isn’t looking at the camera? Do you like arty black and white photos? Knowing the style you like will really help you when it comes to choosing a photographer.
The way to find out what style you like would be to head to Google and type in ‘Wedding Photographer’. Have a look at a couple of different photographers work and see which styles take your fancy.Having a clear idea of what you want will help to make sure you get the right photographer for your special day.