Your Wedding Photography from beginning to end – First Contact with Your Photographer

First Contact with Your Photographer

So you’ve looked on the internet and managed to find a photographer whose style you like, what now?  Well, that depends on you!  Some people are happy to email first and others like to pick up the phone.

Personally, I prefer the phone as you can get a first sense of who they are as a person and if you’re going to get along.

Here are the types of things you should be finding out:

1. Are they free on your chosen date?

If they aren’t then that ends the conversation pretty quickly, although some photographers might have people they can recommend that work with a similar style.

2. Do they work in your location?

A lot of photographers will travel to weddings but sometimes if you’re outside a specific radius they might charge a little extra or expenses.  Make sure you understand this before you book!

3. Are they in your budget?

When it comes to weddings the budgets are a huge thing, as they should be, so it helps if you have a specific budget in mind before you start speaking to anyone.

  • What packages do they offer? A lot of photographers have ready-made packages with different levels of service. If it’s really important that you have your photographer for your first dance then make sure this is included in the package.
  • Are the Packages Customisable? If you have one package that’s perfect but it’s just missing one detail then are they willing to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want on your special day?
  • What deposit do you need? Everyone is different when it comes to deposits and it helps to know what you need to pay and when you need to pay it in order to stay on top of your budget!

4. What editing is included?

Some photographers will edit their photos more than others so make sure you know before you sign on the dotted line.

5. Will they match your style?

As I mentioned before having a photographer that matches you and your partner’s style is really important, after all, you are going to be looking at these photos years into the future.  Get them to explain their style to you over the phone, even if they have done so on their website.  Hearing them speak about something they are passionate about will really make a difference.

6. How long after the wedding will you see your images?

Everyone wants their wedding photos as soon as possible but make sure to manage your expectations.  Depending on the level of editing/how busy the photographer is you can wait anywhere from 48 hours to 3 weeks!

7. Will they be available online?

Some couples like all of their guests to be able to see their pictures online and others don’t.  Some photographers offer access to the images on their website and some offer it on a memory stick.

The first contact with your potential photographer should be focused on finding out the basics, as well as getting to know them as a person.  After all, this person is going to be with you on one of the most important days of your life!