What to bring to a Portrait Session

If you’ve never been to a studio to have your photo taken it can all seem a little bit daunting but as your photographer it’s my job to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.One question I get asked almost every time is “What should I bring with me to my session?”.  Well, there isn’t a stock answer but these are some things to think about.
  • Change of clothes
It’s important to bring clothes that you feel comfortable in! If you are uncomfortable in a specific item of clothing then that will come across in the photos.  Also feel free to bring a few different colours and styles that we can experiment with!
  • Make up
If you wear makeup you might want to play about with different looks, or have a quick refresh mid-way through a session.  Again, it’s all about feeling comfortable and confident.  It’s also never a bad idea to bring your own hairbrush with you to tame any flyaways!
  • Childs favourite toy
One of the key elements in getting a great shot of your children is making it fun and relaxed! My studio is really family friendly with a few toys and props but if they have a favourite toy or a song that always gets them smiling then by all means bring it along!  We might not use it in every shot but we can use it to make them feel comfortable.  Even pets are welcome!Ultimately it’s all about all of you having fun together and remembering it as a good experience where, together we create lasting happy memories.