The Hero Inside

An uplifting POSITIVE book and exhibition entitled

'The Hero Inside' to raise funds for Help for Heroes

Gill Shaw is an award-winning photographer based in London and she photographs people, including members of the Royal Family, Presidents, Prime Ministers and other Celebrities. She also specialises in Portraits and PR Events.

‘I, for one, know that we have the best Armed Forces in the world and I am truly inspired by the whole concept of heroism.

My purpose in wanting to produce this book and subsequent exhibitions is to show our War Heroes in a positive light, in these negative times.

Why did I do this, it is quite simple …. I CARE! ‘

Copyright of individual photographs would remain with the subjects (Heroes) and all profits from the sale of the book and the exhibition will go to Help for Heroes.

This is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Copies of The Hero Inside can be purchased on my website or by contacting me below

T; (+44) 020 8840 3155
M;(+44) 07973 252017